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Five Ways to Keep Healthy Teeth Clean

Keeping your dog's teeth clean and healthy is an important part of their overall wellness, just like it is with us. Here are some ways to maintain teeth in between vet visits:

  1. Raw meaty bones that are appropriately sized for your dog are nature’s ultimate toothbrush. Use bones that your dog has to rip and tear at the meat and cartilage – necks, tails and ribs are good for this. Note that weight bearing bones from large animals may damage teeth.

  2. Ascophyllum nodosum – a species of seaweed with natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-adhesive properties. Existing plaque is softened, and new plaque is prevented from sticking to teeth. Ensure the product you buy is 100%, certified organic and an Australian company. We recommend Simply Seaweed.

  3. Chewing – natural dried treats such as kangaroo tendons and bully sticks can act like a ‘brush’ to help keep teeth healthy. Other natural chews like yak cheese chews and marrow chews may also be worth trying.

  4. Adding probiotics can help to balance your pet’s gut - bad breath/dental health can be related to imbalances in the gut. The good bacteria in probiotic supplements suppress the growth of bad bacteria and decrease the risk of developing oral diseases.

  5. Brushing and dental sprays –providing your dog tolerates it. Brushing regularly can help prevent plaque build-up. Make sure to use dog specific toothpaste and brushes.

Note we have not included synthetic dental chews or dental kibble as the ingredients counteract any dental benefit from the chewing (and there is no evidence based research that kibble helps prevent dental disease).

Please consult with your vet if you notice any changes with your dog's teeth.