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Dogs and Chickens

Can Dogs Live with Chickens (and other poultry)? Yes! They absolutely can. While some dogs may not pay any attention to chickens at all, some dogs have a very high prey drive so let’s dig a littleRead more

Is Daycare Right For Your Dog?

Do you ever feel guilty about leaving your dog at home while you go to work all day? Do you worry that they may be feeling sad, lonely or bored? Maybe daycare is an option for them. Maybe, and maybeRead more

Joint Supplements

20% of adult dogs and 80% of dogs over 8 years old suffer from osteoarthritis – and it is thought this could be higher. 😔 Whether you have an older dog that is showing some signs of arthritis, oRead more


The choice of walking equipment in my experience tends to be a preference for most people, or perhaps what they have always used with previous dogs. I used to walk my dog Merlin on a check chain 25Read more

Puppy Play

Puppies playing nicely together is almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face. What puppies learn in their early stages of their life has a big impact on their lives as adults, and learning toRead more

Long Leash Skills

Using a long line can be a great way to give your dog a bit more freedom if their recall isn’t reliable, if you want them to choose their own direction in the park/open space, or they want to go inRead more

Critical Distance

Critical Distance This is the point where your dog may go from being alert to a trigger to showing barking, lunging or other ‘reactive’ behaviours. It can be a fine line! Your aim is to keepRead more


Is your dog is digging up your plants? Or digging holes under the fence? Maybe you risk breaking your ankle stepping in holes in the lawn? We understand your frustration! Digging is a natural andRead more

Adding A New Dog To The Family

In our experience probably not! You may have a formula that works – for example a certain age difference in between dogs, or maybe you add a dog for a specific purpose or just because it feels likeRead more

Flashy Fangs

Keeping your dog's teeth clean and healthy is an important part of their overall wellness, just like it is with us. Here are some ways to maintain teeth in between vet visits: Raw meaty bones thatRead more

Treat Recommendations for Training

Why use treats? We use treats in our training classes and privates as food is a primary reinforcer for dogs – they don’t need to learn to like food! Dogs have to eat – every day, so why not useRead more

Trigger Stacking

What is a trigger? A trigger is defined as ‘An event, person, or animal, noise or other factor that leads to an undesired or abnormally large reaction. If your dog barks at white dogs then white dRead more



If you are struggling with your pet's behaviour, have a new puppy/kitten or adopted dog/cat that needs training, we can help. We provide comprehensive and holistic cat and dog behaviour services from group classes and private in home training, to dog sports and nutrition.

If you want to enrich your pets life, we are here to guide you. From puppy or kitten through their active years, and into their senior days, we have options and fun classes for all pets.

Our Services


Does your dog or cat have anxiety, show aggression to people or dogs, or more serious problems? We are experts at improving animal behaviours, by one on one training with your dog or cat, and teaching you the skills to apply easy, compassionate positive training techniques. We provide effective options that are convenient for you, in your home or at one of our training facilities.


From cheeky puppies to rambunctious adolescent dogs or perhaps an older dog who needs to brush up on their manners, we have a group training class to suit you and your dog. This includes general manners, dog sports and even scent training. There is something for every dog.

Classes are small (max 6 dogs) so we can give you and your dog individual attention and coaching. Only positive methods are used so you can ensure that your dog enjoys every minute.


General wellness can affect your pets behaviour. Pawsitive Connection offera an holistic approach including canine nutrition advice, Tellington Touch (dog massage and healing) and strength and conditioning classes.

We can also run workshops so please check back regularly or call one of our experts to find out more.