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Puppies and Stairs

We often get asked by puppy parents when can their puppy go freely up and down stairs. Stairs can be a risk as dogs can slip or jump off from a height and can do damage to sensitive growth plates,Read more

Raw Feeding Puppies

Can You Raise a Puppy on Raw? YES!! There are a great many benefits to feeding a raw species appropriate diet and whole fresh foods. However, it is important to provide proper nutrition and balanceRead more

How Often Do You Walk Your Dog?

There is no doubt the benefits walking your dog can have both for them and for us. You get to spend time together, your dog can investigate smells, see other people, other dogs, and new environments.Read more

Preventing Resource Guarding in Puppies

Resource guarding is a normal canine behaviour. Dogs guard stuff – just like we guard our possessions too (we lock our houses and have PINS on our credit cards).  So, you have a new puppy – canRead more

Car Sickness

Dog motion sickness is more commonly seen in puppies and young dogs than in older dogs, just as car sickness affects more children than adults. Sometimes puppies can grow out of car sickness, butRead more


It is normal to be alarmed if you hear your dog or puppy growl at you, a family member, another person, dog or pet. We often fall into the trap of reprimanding a growling dog, as our first thoughts Read more

Feeding Raw Bones

Bones are nature’s teeth cleaner for dogs and cats. They are high in natural and digestible calcium and other minerals, they provide roughage in the diet, and are a source of essential aminoRead more

Carrots for dogs

Carrots are high in fibre (soluble and insoluble), vitamin K1, potassium and magnesium. They contain very powerful antioxidants called carotenoids that can protect from disease and enhance the immuneRead more

What is Redirected Aggression in Dogs?

Redirected aggression is when a dog redirects aggressive or hostile behaviour to a different place or purpose. That may be towards another dog/s, a person, or an object. The aggression may be caused Read more

Sprinkle Cheese Party for Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms 🌩 They are a regular part of our Southeast Queensland summers with heavy rain, thunder and lightening plus wild winds, it’s no wonder our dogs can freak out. If at any stage youRead more

Rest Zones

One of the things you can prepare for the busy Christmas period to help your pets, is to set up a ‘rest zone.’ Sometimes called ‘safe or zen zones’ 😊 A rest zone is a place your pet can goRead more

Pets and Strangers

Christmas holidays can be a busy time for everyone, including pets. There is more activity as everyone is home for the holidays, they may be getting less rest, and they may become less tolerant.Read more



If you are struggling with your pet's behaviour, have a new puppy/kitten or adopted dog/cat that needs training, we can help. We provide comprehensive and holistic cat and dog behaviour services from group classes and private in home training, to dog sports and nutrition.

If you want to enrich your pets life, we are here to guide you. From puppy or kitten through their active years, and into their senior days, we have options and fun classes for all pets.

Our Services


Does your dog or cat have anxiety, show aggression to people or dogs, or more serious problems? We are experts at improving animal behaviours, by one on one training with your dog or cat, and teaching you the skills to apply easy, compassionate positive training techniques. We provide effective options that are convenient for you, in your home or at one of our training facilities.


From cheeky puppies to rambunctious adolescent dogs or perhaps an older dog who needs to brush up on their manners, we have a group training class to suit you and your dog. This includes general manners, dog sports and even scent training. There is something for every dog.

Classes are small (max 6 dogs) so we can give you and your dog individual attention and coaching. Only positive methods are used so you can ensure that your dog enjoys every minute.


General wellness can affect your pets behaviour. Pawsitive Connection offera an holistic approach including canine nutrition advice, Tellington Touch (dog massage and healing) and strength and conditioning classes.

We can also run workshops so please check back regularly or call one of our experts to find out more.