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"Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong."- W.R. Purche


"From a very destructive hyper excitable puppy, we now have very lovable, much more easily manageable young dog who loves to cuddle up with her humans. Through her company Pawsitive Connection, and over a number of months, Anne Hardacre brought us lots of positive advice and input tuned to meet our needs and was invaluable in shaping our now very lovable dog. After initially meeting Anne, we elected to take up her package of a number of sessions. Her flexibility and patience in scheduling the sessions was appreciated, as was the very valuable written advice Anne emailed summarizing each session. We are very happy to recommend Pawsitive to anyone struggling with challenging dog behaviour".


"Great trainers, who are extremely knowledgeable and compassionate! Anne has been fabulous and has helped give my new puppy the very best foundation for life with positive socialisation and interactions from 8 weeks of age.
Dog training is completely unregulated, but the PC team are all very well qualified and up to date with force free training methods. Highly recommend!!!"


""Toby was 4 years old when we found Pawsitive Connection, we had enrolled in the presport class at the recommendation of a Dog Behaviourist we had seen for Toby to practice his social skills. From the day we got Toby it was clear he found the environment challenging and this turned to fear as he grew older and then to reacting to other dogs. Ros suggested we do the Reframing Reactivity course which was starting, every second week a class was released containing videos and information sheets on understanding my dog, observing, building our confidence, skills and growing our relationship. The fortnightly zooms and Facebook page were fantastic. Of course, there were challenges along the way but by practicing the skills at home or in a safe environment has given us confidence to take them on the road. Some of the changes I noticed were better endurance, recall and connection. The week after we finished the course Toby was confronted by another dog. The skills taught in this class kicked in during and after the episode, leading to a better outcome than we would have had 6 months ago. Having been a follower of Susan Garrett for many years I relate back to her saying “find your dog's joy” I really didn’t understand what this meant till we found Pawsitive Connection and their classes, but what we have learnt in this class has given Toby confidence to be around other dogs and me the confidence by having a plan and skills to use. Thankyou Ros and Anne".


"We have had an amazing experience with Pawsitive Connection this year! Charlie is a smart girl with a lot of feelings and she has THRIVED in her classes - first Dog Sport Prep with Anne, then parkour with Ros. Her confidence has grown, she's calmer, and we're having a better time together every day. We have her next few classes mapped out, and have no hesitation in recommending this amazing team of skilled professionals and gifted teachers. Fourteen out of ten!!"


"Farley is very easily over stimulated making learning hard so with a combination of in home training and Junior class Farley has learnt how to greet in a more appropriate way, cope much better with various triggers in her surroundings and be calmer in many situations. With the lead up to Christmas Nicola incorporated training Farley with our Grandkids (1 & 3 year old) so all of us could enjoy family time on Christmas day. Nicola has taught us how to break down the training and take 1 step at a time. Family members have commented on the changes Farley has made. I can’t thank Nicola enough for all the support and training she has provided; Farley has come such a long way in 5 months. We (including Farley) highly recommend Nicola and Pawsitive Connection".


"I have used Pawsitive Connection for both puppy school with my new puppy and training for my existing dog who was very anxious. I highly recommend them for both! My anxious dog has come along way and is doing so well"


"Completed the puppy class with Anne and couldn’t have chosen a better school. Anne was so flexible and really tailored the class to the needs of every puppy. She was a great listener and full of advice and strategies for our lovely but barky mini schnauzer. You could really tell she was invested in each puppy's journey. Our pup learned how to appropriately interact with other puppies, and calm down in an environment that is very distracting and stimulating for him. He has made so much progress in his socialisation and we’re left with a good idea of how to continue his training. Also just a very fun class overall. Thanks Anne!"


"I have been very impressed by the friendly and dedicated help that I’ve received from Nicola/the staff at Pawsitive Connection.  The strategies that I’ve been shown already seem to be helping my anxious little dog to get the best out of her life and outings".


​"Absolutely wonderful! Knowledgeable, professional, caring, and supportive towards both dogs and humans. By following Anne's excellent advice we started seeing changes in our anxious/reactive dog quickly. We are so happy and grateful that we found Pawsitive Connection, and can't recommend them highly enough. 10/10".


​"As a senior citizen on my own with a puppy again – I knew it would be a challenge. I knew too that much would have changed in training techniques and knowledge about dog cognition and behaviour since my first puppies more than three decades ago. The first step was puppy class but there can be no stopping after that and we undertook the full range of classes available. All this was a major investment in Cosmo’s future, in the kind of relationship I wanted us to have and in the kind of dog I hoped he could become. He was a willing learner but there were some major challenges: his non-stop vocalisation in the car and at home at loud volume and high pitch meant I had to wear ear plugs. We were in the midst of the pandemic and the classes were an essential part of his early socialisation process. He was a high energy, demanding, very vocal puppy, eager and quick to learn. It was hard work and to deal with the challenge on my own would have been impossible. Only the knowledge, teaching expertise along with the amazing patience and understanding of the incredible trainers Nicola & Anne, helped make possible what I have today: a young dog who makes good choices, can respond to thirty-six cues, is affectionate and super friendly to both people and other dogs. Above all he is much calmer. A better best friend I could not have wished for".