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Cafe Etiquette

Café Etiquette

It’s fabulous that more and more cafes are allowing dogs. It gets dogs out and about with their families and helps with socialisation of younger dogs.

But does your dog cut the mustard when it comes to café etiquette? Do you as a dog handler/pet parent?

Here are our top tips:

  • Choose a quiet time for the first few visits so your dog gets used to the environment.

  • Pick a table in a quiet spot with easy access and easy to get away from potential problems

  • Bring with you your puppy’s mat, or pram or hold them on your lap if not fully vaccinated.

  • Bring a long lasting chew for your puppy or dog. (unless your dog resource guards the chew from other people or dogs. In that case just use treats to help settle your dog).

  • Have high value treats on you to reward calm behaviour and to distract if needed

  • Order takeaway so you can make a swift exit if needed

  • Observe your dog’s body language and take note if they show a lot of subtle stress signals. Keep the visit short and be ready to make a swift exit if your dog needs to leave.

  • It’s too late if your dog shows lunging, barking, growling/snapping behaviour – there were most likely a heap of more subtle signals before those, so your job is to notice the subtle signals and give your dog more space or take them away.

  • Do not let your dog go up to another dog at a café, especially if the other dog is tethered

  • It’s OK to politely ask people not to pat your puppy/dog or to give them space (a good tip is to explain that your dog is in training, so maybe next time they may be ready for a pat).

All dogs need space to help them succeed. How much space will differ between dogs and can also fluctuate depending on many factors.

Set your dog up to succeed by advocating for them and providing that space.

Hopefully more and more cafes will open their doors to pets, so get your dog that puppuccino and happy training!