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Raw Feeding Puppies

Raw Feeding Puppies

Can You Raise a Puppy on Raw?


There are a great many benefits to feeding a raw species appropriate diet and whole fresh foods. However, it is important to provide proper nutrition and balance of essential nutrients. One of the most important aspects for growing puppies is the Calcium to Phosphorus ratio.

The easiest way to achieve nutrient balance when raw feeding, is to feed a premade raw food made by a reputable company. Most companies will state if their product is formulated to comply or exceed various pet food regulatory body standards:

AAFCO – The Association of American Feed Control Officials. They have established guidelines for the minimum recommended nutrient amounts in pet food.

FEDIAF – Represents the European Pet Food Industry. Their guidelines exist to help members in formulating complete diets for pets.

NRC – National Research Council, Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats. The NRC have set what nutrient levels your dog or cat requires to be in good health.

Most raw food manufacturers follow the BARF model of feeding – Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. This diet is based on raw meat and bones, plus fruits, vegetables, and seeds. Some will follow PMR – Prey Model Raw Diet. This is a diet based on whole, wild prey animals and does not include plant ingredients.

Note: Some may add synthetic vitamins and minerals to their recipes.

There are plenty of companies in Australia who formulate raw diets for dogs and cats to meet or exceed standards. Please do your research, check the ingredients list, and ask the company if you have any questions.

If you choose to DIY and don’t do your research or get guidance from a professional, you may run into health issues with your puppy.

Not convinced about feeding raw?

Check out Pet Fooled on various streaming platforms:


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For help with feeding puppies a balanced and healthy fresh food diet, reach out to us today.