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Sprinkle Cheese Party for Thunderstorms

Sprinkle it!

Thunderstorms 🌩

They are a regular part of our Southeast Queensland summers with heavy rain, thunder and lightening plus wild winds, it’s no wonder our dogs can freak out. If at any stage you have been affected by wild weather – be it flooding or damage, it can also bring on human anxiety which pets can pick up on.

One of the ways to cope with wild storms and pets is to create a good association.

Enter…..the sprinkle cheese party! As soon as the change in weather starts or your dog becomes aware of the changes, find a safe space – bathroom, bedroom or undercover and simply scatter little bits of shredded cheese.

This way you are pairing something potentially scary with something good to begin to change the underlying emotions. Sniffing also triggers the release of dopamine the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter, is self-soothing and helps lower anxiety.

So, even if your dog is ‘OK’ in storms, or you have a young puppy/dog, get out your high value treats and have a party during the next thunderstorm!