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Rest Zones

Rest Zones

One of the things you can prepare for the busy Christmas period to help your pets, is to set up a ‘rest zone.’ Sometimes called ‘safe or zen zones’ 😊

A rest zone is a place your pet can go to rest or sleep to get away from the chaos of a busy household, other pets, and noises etc.

It may be a crate, den, bedroom, mat or other quite area. It should be an area where pets can be quiet and calm – it is a no go zone for humans, especially children.

To start, make sure your zone is quiet and away from activity or where your dog could see out to activity, and is able to be cool (shady, air con or a through breeze).

If in a room or sectioned of area of the house, be sure to have a comfy place for your pet to rest (for cats make sure you have vertical space available).

Practice feeding your pet in their rest zone, giving food and puzzle toys and chews before you need to use it. Your pet may also decide to take themselves to their rest zone.

If your pet does not like being left alone or away from you, you may need to create a rest zone in a different area or have a ‘portable’ rest zone such as a crate that you can move to be near you. Otherwise, you may be able to teach your pet to be in their rest zone in small increments leading up to Christmas.

Implement your pet’s rest zone now in preparation for the busy Christmas season.