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Why is Vertical Space Important for Cats?Being up high gives a cat much needed comfort and security

  • It allows them to survey many areas of the home from one secure vantage point

  • Height can help cats avoid dominance of a particular space without having to physically engage in conflict, hence lessening aggression among cats in the same home

  • Climbing is a natural behavior in cats and can help keep them physically fit

  • If there are dogs or toddlers in the home, vertical space can be a great way to provide a feeding station up high

Easiest Way to Provide Vertical Space?

  • Book shelf space /shelving

  • Top of the Fridge

  • Cat shelves

  • Window perches

  • Cat trees


  • Non slip surfaces

  • Secure shelves on walls

  • Wide enough to hold your cat

  • If you have more than one cat and you create cat shelves, there should be two ways to get up and down so one cat doesn’t end up trapping another one up on a shelf

  • Install some cat-sized stairways or ramps leading up to the shelves or stagger the shelves so each one can be used to get to the next highest one

Choosing a Cat Tree

  • It should be taller than the cat can reach or stretch - as you want the cat to stretch out and use all his muscles

  • Have a combination of vertical and horizontal surfaces

  • Have a few different types of resting places – i.e. open or partly enclosed

  • The tree should incorporate different textures, not all cats like sisal, cardboard or shag pile carpet

  • Place the tree somewhere with a view, either of your living room, or out a window on the neighborhood

Introducing Vertical Space

  • Most cats need to be gradually introduced to the vertical space, remember not to force the cat onto each surface, but rather create a positive atmosphere for the cats to explore on their own

  • Do this by giving them things to ‘hunt’ in the first few weeks

  • Place small pieces of food (use their favourite) on each level and let them ‘find it’

  • Get them to follow a favourite toy from one level to the next

  • Place other favourite items like bedding on the resting spaces

  • Feathers and leaf cuttings, even herbs and spices add interest to vertical spaces for indoor cats

  • Small containers of water can also be placed around the vertical space for added interest

Have fun creating vertical space for your cats!