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There is nothing worse than coming home, or waking up to find that your cat has not used the tray AGAIN. If this was on carpet, the couch or the bed it can end up costing you thousands.

Here are our top tips for achieving litter tray success:

  • A new cat/kitten should be contained in a room until a good toileting routine (in the tray) has been established – at least a few days.

  • The tray should be shallow enough for the cat to easily get into, place the tray on one side of the room (generally not too close to the door). A covered tray may be introduced in a few days. Place it well away from food and water. We don’t eat and toilet in the same place and cats don’t like to either.

  • Place the tray away from noisy appliances like a washing machine or dryer.

  • The litter: It is a good idea to use the same litter at first that the cat has been using successfully before changing. Most cats prefer the more natural types of litter, ones that are more soil-like or sandy in their texture.

  • If you intend to change the litter, do so gradually, placing a small amount (1/2 cup) amongst the existing litter and increase this each time you change the litter.

  • Show a kitten where the tray is, make sure they can climb in and out and encourage them to dig. An older cat will find the tray on their own. If the cat shows interest in the tray or gets in the tray get ready to reinforce with a treat! Reinforce as soon as they have left the tray.

  • A kitten should be shown the tray as soon as they wake, after eating and immediately after active play. This could be every couple of hours at first.

  • Don’t make a fuss if there is an accident, quietly and calmly clean up thoroughly with a cleaner that has active enzymes in its formula (BioZet is an example). Avoid using any ammonia product.

  • Clean the tray after the cat has defecated in the tray and remove any soiled material daily. Most cats prefer a clean tray.

  • Completely replace the material every week and wash the tray with warm soapy water.

  • When the cat starts exploring the rest of the house place a tray on each floor of the home and make sure they know where it is.

  • If you have more than one cat, the successful formula is to have one tray per cat & a spare, make sure no tray is in a direct line of sight of another tray.

  • Make sure the tray is not in a passageway or somewhere that is likely to be disturbed frequently.​

  • For further info and assistance before it escalates, contact us!